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Technical means

ARC WORKS has technical means of high quality and perfectly suited for careers in boiler, industrial piping, and all types of new or maintenance work

Method Departement

Our Method Departement is equipped with CAD (AUTOCAD). It has an A0 plotter table and tracking software (LOGITRACE). Additional technical means, the recognized expertise of the team Methods used to formalize your projects with the best possible solutions.

Methods Our service supports you from A to Z, from your “executable” projects on the standard norms. We are able to intervene at each step:

  • Definition and technical improvements in the design of your sheet and your piping
  • Realization of design notes autonomy

The equipment fleet

The park machinery and equipment includes:

  • A hairy 150 T, length 4 m
  • A sheet bending machine 3m thickness 6mm
  • A bender profiles for equipment “heavy” our workshop
  • 10 welding machines on ARC processes, TIG, MIG, equipped to steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • 10 oxygen cylinders
  • 8 acetylene cylinders
  • 3 nitrogen bottles
  • Dies, bevelling machines, bending machines, scaffolding, individual crates of tools
  • Facilities handling or lifting regularly checked (hoists, slings, …)
  • For the transport and delivery, we have a fleet of 6 vehicles in perfect condition.

The raw materials

We have our own stock of spare parts. The partnership policy with local suppliers we have referenced, allows us to ensure maximum responsiveness to carry all your projects and delivery.


The subcontracting

If required, ARC WORKS is required to call on subcontracting in order to integrate into your projects benefits such as mechanical, electrical, scaffolding installation, installation of insulation, the crane and lifting.

Our subcontractors are subject to an approval which takes into account:

  • An assessment of their level HSE
  • An assessment of their technical capacity
  • An assessment of their reactivity and availability

Human resources

The sales team

With their knowledge and expertise, they are at your disposal and at your service.

They will mobilize internal skills to provide ARC WORKS a detailed technical and commercial proposal.

They will follow your project from design to receipt. Finally, they will guarantee the quality of delivery and monitoring of our service.

The team Methods

The official methods, maintain a permanent link between the sales department, production and customer teams.

A sedentary vocation, it is sometimes necessary to perform site visits, to make surveys to produce your plans and calculation notes. Its role is to participate in the permanent search of subcontractors and suppliers to meet your most varied demands.

It guarantees the traceability of materials that make up your equipment and writing the production file. He defines company procedures and ensures the updating of skills of our welders.

The workshop and site production team

We have production teams specialized in the boilermaking and industrial piping trades, in the most varied applications. In addition, we continue to train and integrate new employees through diploma courses.

The versatility of our technicians allows them to work on steel, stainless steel and aluminium supports. They also work on your high and low pressure networks. This versatility allows us to offer you a complete range of services from workshop construction to on-site installation.

Experienced in working on customer sites and various processes, our technicians quickly integrate your internal reception, security procedures and your own technical specifications.

Continually trained in the risks and means of prevention related to their profession.

Our experienced welders are regularly developed and renewed their welding qualifications in order to be able to guarantee the quality of their welds in non-destructive tests (penetrant penetrant inspection, radiography, gammagraphy).

The QSSE manager

Our QSSE manager is responsible for implementing the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QSSE) policy defined by the Management as close as possible to the field and operational staff.

It is assisted in this mission by the QSSE steering committee, essentially composed of the company’s managers and team leaders. This QSSE steering committee is particularly involved in complying with the rules on a daily basis and in raising the awareness of our technicians (safety talks, feedback, etc.).

The QSSE manager is the support of our teams and your privileged interlocutor so that safety is at the heart of our common concerns. As such, it is particularly involved in collecting the results of your internal audits and your various feedback. He integrates them and relays them to our employees as part of our continuous improvement process.