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Safety and environment

Safety and Environment Policy


The workshop activities and construction needed to ARC WORKS place safety and the environmental the heart of its concerns.

  • Our organization around the Safety and Environment

The customer, safety and the environment must be at the center of daily actions of all employees of the company ARC WORKS, and at all levels. Our ambitions are:

  • Satisfy increasingly customer meeting its requirements
  • Reduce continuously and preventively our environmental impacts
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and damage to persons
  • This is reflected in particular by setting up next:
    • An HSE manager full time: HSE manager has a support task suggestion, training and promotion of our safety improvement. He reports regularly on progress and results to management
    • An HSE policy that expresses the guidance provided by management in the HSE field and defined the general objectives
    • A safety manual that describes our organization HSE (Health, Safety, Environment). It is accessible to all our clients and listener needs to know our HSE organization. It is also the subject of updates and regular communication with our staff
    • An annual action plan that aims to communicate to all of our staff the major issues of our HSE policy and the annual targets Management Review
    • A HSE Steering Committee essentially of supervisors and business leaders the teams. The HSE Steering Committee is particularly involved in the rules in everyday life and the development of “security talks” with our technicians
    • The monitoring of our performance is the subject of a monthly communication with members of the ESS Steering Committee so that everyone is able to know our position relative to the objectives