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Chemical Industry

Food and beverage industry

Naval Repair and Maintenance

Space planning

Public Works

Chemical industry

  • ARC WORKS includes specifications of the chemical industry

ARC WORKS is very active in the maintenance market and new construction in the chemical industry. This is the result of an ongoing commitment to meet the needs of customers and adapt to the new requirements of the sector regularly.

ARC WORKS can adapt to the new regulatory requirements of the industry, but also the specific needs of its customers as the reception procedures, training, organizational characteristics, technical specifications …

The chemical industry is a production of high-tech industry in a highly competitive market. No sacrifice at the expense of tolerated. The ongoing review of its processes in particular incorporates external actors we are.

  • Safety chemical site is not new to ARC WORKS, but will very long time.

Since its inception, ARC WORKS is committed to respect the HSE section, we then invested in the recruitment of a Head of HSE and training of the majority of our personal

Food industry, pharmaceuticals

With our mastery of techniques at each stage of the process, and the qualifications of our technicians, we carry out work in different environments, while taking into account the health risk.

  • The challenges of the food industry and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have in common the permanent concern to ensure non-contamination of their facilities and their production. This is achieved by the implementation of three types of procedures:

  • Design
  • Execution of works
  • Terms of access to sites

This hunt for bacteria starts with the design of facilities and of course our involvement as providers performing these installations.

  • The control of health risks in the food industry and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

ARC WORKS is able to design all your piping and sheet metal equipment stainless and equipped with the full range of fittings and accessories SMS type (flanges, fittings tubes and other accessories, …).

We carry our welded joints in atmosphere and without penetration to remove the risk of internal bacteria development and we passions all the hot spots so that the stainless finds all of its properties. This mastery of the health risk is applied in maintenance and new works on your facilities and production lines consist of:

  • Crusher
  • pasteurizer
  • Exchanger small and big power
  • Circuit CIP or CIP
  • Storer
  • packaging machine
  • Conveying stainless G220

Naval Repair and Maintenance

The speed of response and absolute reliability for ship maintenance are two basic principles for ARC WORKS.

The maintenance of our customers’ vessels is totally guaranteed, whether for welding, boiler making, piping, valves, painting, carpentry, electricity, mechanics, sea water intakes, thickness, shaft line, rudder, etc….

At ARC WORKS, we have all the technical and human resources necessary to provide all the services in the hold and in the water, in our facilities, travelling where it is needed and doing so in a more reliable and better way.

  • Repair- Renovation- Modification
    • Sheet metal work
    • Metal structures and
    • reinforcements
      Piping (aluminium, steel, stainless steel)
    • Welding and associated NDT
    • Opening of the breach
    • Electrical work
    • General on-board mechanical work
    • Careening work
    • Painting work
    • Interior design work
  • Maritime interventions
    • nstallation, research and verification of underwater cables
    • Buoy installation
    • All support for maritime activities

Spatial planning

We carry on request Metal unique works, steel, stainless steel or aluminium! If you are faced with a problem regarding the space planning and you can not find a technical answer, ARC WORKS will certainly help.

Your imagination has no limits and ours will ensure that your project is technically true.

  • In development space, ARC WORKS known to be creative and tips for your projects

ARC WORKS designs and manufactures various metal structures. The knowledge and mastery of our business allow us indeed to answer very varied and atypical expectations.

In the design phase, our service Methods aims to give you an answer both technical and aesthetic. Whatever the nature of your project, it meets the standards.

  • He submits to the approval of a solution on map(AutoCAD) so conceptual, your project takes a new dimension through its technical feasibility.
  • Following completion workshop in the rules of art on our site installation teams perform on-site installation, in accordance with previously agreed terms
  • Examples of industrial space works

In the industrial setting, Achievements may take the form:

  • Machine cratering
  • Ramp, stairway, ladder, bridge, railing and other collective protection
  • Support forces frame, floor frame, monorail and lifting means
  • Grid, fence and building closure (door, gate …)
  • Storage racks and storage of raw materials or finished product
  • Structures non-industrial areas

In the non-industrial context, we are able to produce any type of indoor or outdoor area as:

  • A custom staircase, a floor
  • A bridge, a guardrail
  • An awning, a skylight or a metal veranda
  • Or even a livestock restraint park

Civil engineering

On site or in the workshop for the repair, strengthening or reloading of construction machinery wear parts and accessories

ARC WORKS attaches to comply with the manufacturer’s method of construction and the mechanical resistance of the rules using appropriate welding processes. Your equipment is immobilized for a time minimized.

Extending the life of your construction machinery and accessories is thus achieved in the best quality / cost / time.

  • Achievements repair and renovation construction machinery

We regularly act on your machines and accessories such as:

  • Buckets of loaders / excavators and mini excavators
  • grapples
  • Clamshell
  • mobile and stationary crushers
  • mobile and fixed concrete plants
  • telescoping and rotating masts