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New construction

Maintenance work

New construction

Want to improve your manufacturing processes or create new ones. You have to respect the standards and budget constraints … ARC WORKS can meet your needs, while ensuring the quality of work.

Managing your project from A to Z

According to your wishes, ARC WORKS can support your project from conception to installation on site Regardless of the regulatory context.

Conception phase

The design is driven by our service methods which analyses the problems and research technical solutions at the best cost.

The longer the ARC WORKS: A perfect coordination with your team allows us to offer the best solution in accordance with your specifications and your own specifications.

We also include in our design compliance with the standards of our profession.

Manufacturing phase

Our main workshop and our machine we can meet your most ambitious projects. Our trained and supervised staff is regularly monitored in its missions to meet deadlines without compromising on the quality of the service.

Implementation phase on customer site

ARC WORKS construction teams are mobile regularly on the Grand Casablanca region. However, they can work on more distant sites.

Each technician is equipped with its individual material and follows an individualized learning path so as to perform the installation and on-site installation in the best performance and security operations. 


We work either preventive maintenance or curative maintenance. In 2 cases, our goal is to ensure the best service possible, while limiting the stopping time of production (where, during the procedure).

Preventive maintenance and curative interventions ARC WORKS

ARC WORKS has the capacity to intervene:

  • In preventive maintenance upstream of your production shutdowns and to prepare our response while limiting downtime and downtime of your facilities. Our efforts focus on providing technical proposals in the context of preventing future accidents, wear and maintenance operations
  • In corrective maintenance at failures or breakages of the production tool, requiring a response and restoration fast and reliable operation of facilities

ARC WORKS repairs and maintains

performance of all industrial equipment, such as:

  • piping process (fluid, solid or gas)
  • Networks of utilities and boiler rooms
  • equipment and industrial equipment such as tanks, reactors, dryers, mixers, hoppers, separators, autoclaves, heat exchangers, fireplaces, …
  • All metal structures and access means: safety ladders, stairs, walkways, fences, ….
  • equipment protection: covers, mesh guards, partitions, ….

Operation maintenance teams ARC WORKS

As soon as you contact ARC WORKS, we mobilize team’s maintenance plan for you with our response.

The versatility, skills and mobility of our technicians allow us to intervene on site in the best possible terms. Each technician is equipped with its individual tooling and our store also has many public facilities.

ARC WORKS maintenance teams work regularly on the Grand Casablanca region. However, they can invest in more remote locations

Most ARC WORKS: The partnerships we have with our local suppliers allow us to have quick access to their own inventory of materials (steel, stainless steel or even aluminium).